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I made an account & I didn’t like the fact my username was my first and last name so I logged out and now I can’t fricking log back in, I changed my password 353 billion times and it still Says “invalid password”

I can't figure how to reply to the messages I get??

I can't login it keep kicking me out. I don't know how to get in

Pretty good app but has some pretty bad bugs.

Good app. Fast, easy to hook up to social media accounts, and holds a nice and productive design. I commonly encounter a glitch where if someone else leaves a message, I get about 20 notifications of the exact message, AND 20 messages that are the exact same. I use iPhone 6s on iOS 12. Nobody else have seemed to encounter this bug, but it’s been occurring for me for a very long time. Hopefully the descriptive review helps out! Overall, it’s an amazing app with plenty of quick updates, but has room for improvement.


I love Lipsi it’s hilarious but also very fun

this is fun

i like this and ya

Muy buena pero necesito que arreglen eso

Antes todo muy bien pero ahora como que tiene un problema no me están saliendo los mensajes en la aplicación solamente en la barra de notificaciones.

Great app! ✊👑❤️🤗

I would’ve given it 4 stars.when I copy the link to put it in my insta account ( my insta- oof.its.a.mexicann) the link doesn’t work so that’s prolly why I say 4 stars rating, and I don’t really get the use of lipsi I just have it because everyone else has it and it’s for insta so yea that basically why I have it and also because lipsi is good and all but I just can’t give the 4 stars. Maybe next time Lipsi.

signup getting shoved under the logo. genius!

hahaha. that signup form created by a total UI noob

Not receiving messages

People tell me they said something on my Lipsi but it doesn’t show up

Not receiving my messages

A lot of my friends told me they wrote something on my link on Snapchat and I haven’t received them. I made sure I did the link right and my app is supposedly doing everything it’s supposed to .. so can this be fixed?

Fix pls

I’m not receiving the messages my friends are sending me :( please fix.

Not really working

People told me that they sent me a message but it’s not there on my screen. I’ve tried restarting my phone and redownloading the app but nothing is working.


The idea of this app is cool, but this app caused me trauma due to anonymously spread rumors. Thanks.


People will tell me that they replied to mine multiple times and I never get any of them


It wouldn’t even let me sign in I put in my email and password correctly. Just wasted 10 minutes of my life.


I said something to my friend about how much she talks about a guy and then it told her I said that so now my friend hates me Thxs

It’s not that great

I have asked my friend to message it multiple times as a test to see if it would work Nothing popped up. Also it does this weird thing with the screen when I try putting in my credentials where it blocks off what I’m typing.

copy button not working

my copy button isn’t working when I go to press it


Great app

great while it lasted

used to love the app. great anonymous messaging service. then they start not only censoring the messages, but PUBLICLY displaying messages for the users to decide if they should be sent or censored. an absolute joke.

Getting a rude and verbally abusive comment

Lipsi supposedly doesn’t tolerate theses types of comments and are supposed to reveal the name to the person. I have reported my comment multiple times, wanting to get the name of the person but I’m still waiting....


Not got response

making an account

It won’t let me make an account and i keep typing in my email and it says there’s already an account and then when i got to sign in with it it’s saying the emails not in the records i don’t understand ????


How do you delete a account

Update it

Update it so it could send Curse words, i wanna see what people say

Can this be fixed?!?

The app is great and all when it works but my friends tell me they left a message and I never received it? What’s up with that?

Lipsi review

Let people know when I send a notification back


Couldn't even verify my account and i thought they deleted my email for a sec

Slight issue

It will pop up on my notifications but then i go on and it doesn’t show up no my conversation are gone. We have to add codes now?


This app is dumb it won’t let me sign up cause it says I need to choose a link and it’s not working 🤦🏽‍♀️🤬🤬


This is a very fun app

I hate this

I’m signing up for Lipsi, and I have not gotten my verification email yet. It has been 10 minutes and I have no received it yet. I would recommend NOT downloading this app because it doesn’t even send a verification email :)

Not working

I made an account a couple months ago then decided I did not need it. Now I re downloaded it and I signed in and now it’s just loading and loading and loading and loading

Not working

Why did it stop working

Not receiving messages

I got one message and I haven’t received anymore. I even went as far as to text myself to make sure it wasn’t working and nope I didn’t even receive the one I sent myself. I mean the layouts nice. But the doesn’t matter if the point of app doesn’t work what it’s suppose to be doing.


It’s so nice and fun

Hi ppl jnnnn


😐 I want to delete my account but there is no delete button !!

Won’t let me delete my account

Logging in

I had the app and then deleted it, now I can’t log back in. I have changed my password and it will just sit there loading it’s been a couple hours of it loading. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it a couple times

Question ☹️

When it say I have Lipsi notifications in the notification bar for ex.( your beautiful ) and when I go on the app it says no notifications ?? So why does it disappear this happens a lot please fix

Didn’t work after the first 3 times

I’ve had this app for some time and it worked perfectly fine for the first 3 times I’ve used it. It’s a good app overall because it’s very professional and has a good layout. But after about the 3 time, I went to check my messages on there and it said no new messages, so I posted if anyone sent me messages, and some of my friends said they did but nothing was showing. It works amazing for my friends, so I don’t know why it’s not working for me. I’ve tried multiple times after that and it still isn’t working. Please have this checked out.

No thanks

I downloaded the app and copied the link to my Snapchat and it kept saying I have no messages when I know I got at least 3. Wouldn’t waste my time with this app.

Lipsi review

I can’t even stay in the app for more then 10 seconds and I can’t get a link why does this happen ?

Get this app!!❤️

I love this app!!! I really recommend it!!!❤️

Messages not going through

Messages that are being sent out aren’t actually being sent out. People are telling me they sent messages but I don’t receive any.

Not working link

I’ve used lipsi before and it was great. I deleted the app for storage reasons. Then I got it back. Every time I try to log onto lipsi it won’t give me a link. It was wonderful app but I’m very disappointed It won’t work anymore.


Won’t download at all I really want this all and every time I try to download it it pops up a message saying that I already purchased it and when I clicked ok and then IT NEVER DOWNLOADED, I’ve tried many times

Keeps Kicking Me Out

So I downloaded the app because a lot of my friends have it I downloaded and had an instant issue. I would try to find my link and the app would shut off without reason. It would log me out constantly and keep shutting off. This all happened within the span of 5 minutes I restarted my phone and went back onto the app. It still kicked me out and I don’t know how to fix it. If Lipsi could look into the issue i would greatly appreciate it.

Love it

Lots of fun

it’s ok

it’s ok . Because it can make people’s day as much as ruin it. if people are going they bad things lipsi sometimes makes it worse from what I see. But with people like me it makes my day because people say nice things.

It’s a good app but...

I really love this app since I can get feedback anonymously, but at some points the app just crashes and I can’t get back in the unless I delete the app and reinstall it

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