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I can't figure how to reply to the messages I get??

I can't login it keep kicking me out. I don't know how to get in


I changed my password twice and it’s still telling me that my password isn’t valid




I normally hate these kind of reviews were they say “oh it isn’t working i give this 1 star blah blah” but i’m really disappointed because i set it up put the link in my instagram and then on my story and i got my sister to send something just to check if it was working and it wasn’t i got no messages and my friends have been texting me asking if i got theirs and i’m a little embarrassed because people are expecting me to answer and it won’t show up.


Best app ever


I love this app because if you text someone it can be anonymous or you can reveal yourself there is many other reasons to download this but it’s to many to list

Needs work

Needs a actual settings panel and password reset and a better ui

Settings request

Some Color Schemes , can change my name , Font settings


This is great. He finally got the courage to anonymously tell me he likes me😁. I’ve actually liked him for a while. This app gave him a great way to tell me. Thank you❤️


for some reason i do not receive notifications when somebody comments on my lipsi, i have to physically go on the app just to see if anybody commented and it gets annoying, there should be a button to where you can turn on your notifications because it’s on in my settings but they don’t pop up


I love it.... I made a lot of friends


This would be great if stupid middle school bullies didnt use this to send hate and make others feel bad. There is almost no way to prevent this, because you dont know who sent it.... makes me so sad to read the hateful measages

Needs login improvements

It’s good but If i signed up with Facebook and logged out, I’m no longer able to login again with Facebook, I can only sign up with it and it creates a brand new account. Fix this please. I want to use my original account and now I can’t log back into it.

Web code??

What is a web code on this 😂


even better than sarahah


It isn’t letting me copy my link what can I do to fix this

Love the app

I love the app but would make it better is screen rotation so it can move

Ok I guess

Lipsi is ok but I wish it would let us see when someone is being rude to us but don’t let them now we can see there name lmao😂😂😂😊💀


why did it change my name? and i can’t even change my name back. why can’t i get notifications? when i turned notifications on..


Dope app person

Please do this

Please add a delete your account, if anyone of us choose to do so, it’d be very much appreciated.

Can’t even copy the link

I can’t t even copy the link

App lipsi

Por qué no dice el nombre si quieres saber quien es le preguntas y no te dicen te envían mensajes inapropiados y sin saber quien es esta app es para gallinas(pendejos)

Keeps crashing

Ok so I love this app and all but like every time I click on the message it crashes I even tried logging out and deleting and redownloading the app

Code didn't work

I responded to someone, got a code to use in app, didn't work

Won’t let me use

Have an iPhone with the latest update and every time I try to make an account it tells me I have a bad email or that it’s already taken!


I love using this for snapchat 😍😍

amazing app!!!

this app is absolutely awesome! i find it much more efficient than sarahah and i love that you can reply to messages. also i recently had trouble logging in to my account and the workers were very helpful in telling me what to do although it was an easy fix and i was just being stupid lol.


I noticed that I wasn’t getting any notifications so I decided to send myself something and through the link and it still didn’t send them to me, a great addition would be adding or improving the reload system

Can’t see messages

Everything on the app works, but my friend sent me messages and I can’t see them. I tried logging off, deleting the app and redone loading it, and restarted my phone, but still can’t see them

doesn't even work

i don't know if i'm doing this right at ALL but when i posted he link to my snapchat story, friends told me that they sent a message. but when i checked the app it didn't say i had any. also when i send a message to another persons lipsi, and i use the code, the code doesn't work, and says "error." i'm not sure what to do but please fix this

Fix it up

When I swipe up on snapchat. It always shows a blank white page no matter what, even on my own I checked and it's just really confusing and odd, not sure if it's just my phone but I think it's a glitch it'd be great to fix it up


Won’t let me copy the link!


Ok, so I tryed it out I used my friend insta account to put a comment on my lipsi account ( I have the link on my bio ) but I wouldn’t get a notification and the comment wouldn’t show on my lipsi app and it said right after I sent the comment that it did send but I never got it. It worked perfectly but then it messed up so #fix please.

What do I do now?

I don’t usually rate apps but this really ticked me off. I deleted the Lipsi then re installed it after I created the profile. I’ve been trying to login. It’s been loading for 10 minutes


So I’m having trouble logging in and it just loads forever. I tried resetting my password because I thought that maybe I was just putting in the wrong password, that obviously wasn’t the problem. So I thought maybe it was my phone so I went and bought a new phone because my phone had been acting up and that wasn’t the problem. So now I don’t know what else to do but when I was using the app, it was really great.

it was good but then...

it stopped working and i can’t post the link anywhere and when the link i already had in my bio is clicked it says “user not found”. made another acc and had the same results.

Fix this

So I’ve never used this app before and I tried to sign up with my email and it’s saying email already exists? I tried to see if I already made a account and just forgot about it and I used every single password I’ve used in my life and clearly I don’t even have a account but it’s saying email already used. Fix this!


My daughter had this app but she was being severely bullied at school. These people said she was ugly and they told her to kill herself. This is all because it’s anonymous so you don’t know who’s messaging you. This app should be gone for good. I had meeting with my daughters school counselor and they are very concerned. Bullying isn’t a joke and this app makes bullying very easy with no consequences.

Needs some fix ups

If I was you guys fix’s all the bugs and when your talking too someone you should put send or delivery like Instagram or iMessage so please do that it would be a lot better and fix up the UI too make it look up too date I love the app but still needs fixing and work on so please do that you guys always ask for ppl pinions well here’s my so please do that 🙏🏻

ugh it’s glitchy

i try to log in and it won’t work my messages won’t even show up it was good for like the first day. and i had to make a new account bc it wouldn’t let me log onto my other one


It’s ok, I accidentally blocked someone and can’t find it how to unblock them. Also you could work on the layout more👍, like how do you even friend someone?????


UI is clunky, slow, there is no refreshing, no info on what the hell ghost mode is, and half the messages dont send/dissapear/arent recieved. It’s incredibly unreliable and should definitely fixed right away or else the app will die very quickly.

Can’t sign up!!!

So I’ve tried using FOUR different emails and they all said that the “email already exists” when I checked my email on all those emails, there was never an email about it. I don’t understand why this is happening because honestly it’s really irritating and to make it worse, everyone is using while I’m not because I can’t sign up! Please fix this quickly because I’ve tried this numerous of times.

Problem with seeing messagges

I get th notification but I don't see anything in messages which removed the purpose of the app please fix.


This app is amazing I met one of the most wonderful person on here because they commented that they rlly want to be friends! This person is so nice and would do anything for me and I would do anything g for them I rlly enjoy this app and everyone looking at the reviews should get it because it’s free and totally worth it!!!!!😂🙏

Wanna be sarahah

This dumb app doesn’t let me log in to my account and it needs updates


My link doesn’t work it won’t let me copy the link I click , hold etc the link is not working 🤷🏾‍♀️


It doesn't even let me verify my email. Useless.

Review by me

It’s nice to give beautiful comments to other people without them knowing it’s you so they can feel special


Would give 0 starts if possible! Didn’t even let me copy the link and it’s all glitchy and chunky! Do not waste your storage on this!

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