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I made an account & I didn’t like the fact my username was my first and last name so I logged out and now I can’t fricking log back in, I changed my password 353 billion times and it still Says “invalid password”

I can't figure how to reply to the messages I get??

I can't login it keep kicking me out. I don't know how to get in

I’m happy

Good app!👍🏼


Where are we supposed to put the code at...

Rude comments

People are just plain mean on this app I get cyber bullied a lot on this app and people are saying things like “you don’t deserve to be in this world” or “I hate you” and it really hurts my feelings and people don’t know what I gone through please make a feature that when you report a user they get reveled


NONE of my messages show and I don’t like how you have to sign in my email it should be number

I don’t understand.

I’m having a hard time understanding why when I emailed customer support about this app, I never got a response. I was wanting to delete my account because I no longer want Lipsi but it’s like they don’t even care.

Link is not showing up

I click copy to clipboard but nor the link or the button works I can’t do anything

Amazing 😁

It’s amazing I love this app

Please fix this

I don’t see no notifications on my lock screen. This isn’t right


After one day my lipsi was “expired” I tried to log back it but it didn’t go, so I made a new one and it doesn’t receive any messages 😤😤😤😤👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Big App Problem

When I type a code after screenshotting I always get shown the error screen and it only works as a direct copy, when it directly says you can type it.

Won’t accept email

I had lipsi for a few months now, and for some reason it’s saying my email is not valid and may be wrong.. but I’ve been using it for a while now.


I forgot my password so i put my email and it says it will send a email to reset my password but im not receiving anything in my emails

Im gay

Apple good taste 🥪

Not sending messages

I put my Lipsi code thing on my snapchat story two days ago, and I’m getting messages from my friends saying they haven’t gotten a reply from me. I was confused because I don’t remember getting any messages from anyone. So I check the app, and there’s no messages at all. The messages people are sending to me aren’t going through to my end.

Lipsi app



I changed my password and everything and someone keeps replying to my lipsi when other people send me stuff.


when someone gives me a message, it will not let me send a message back. it just goes away; that’s something that definitely needs to be fixed.

Log in

Y’all should make it where we can log in with our lipsi link as well because I forgot my email and I can’t log back Into it but other than that it’s a great app

Needs work

Y’all should fix the link bc trying to hook to Snapchat some times when they slide up and hit the link it buffers to long

A angry customer.

For starters the app is interesting but the thing I hate about the app is that there is no settings and you can’t change your username. Please change that. You should also give the option to use your phone number instead of a email because what if someone’s email doesn’t work...that means you lose customers.


It won’t let me create a link

No Notifications 😑

I can’t get no notifications cuh I gotta open the app to see if somebody sent me some 🤦🏾‍♂️

Trouble signing in

I’ve changed my password at least 3 times and every time I try to log in I get a message saying that the password is incorrect.


When I can get it to work , it’s a good app . Every time I uninstall it , and then reinstall , it’s always a problem with logging in . I can’t log in now . Just loads for a long time.


Beter then Sahara or Saraha because you can respond back to this person.

need to fix

my lipsi stopped letting me see my messages and i don’t know why? can someone explain to me how to fix this?

Needs improvement

I’ve heard of the app, and I just downloaded. I signed in with google, but when I did that it came to my surprise that I could not edit the name that I appear as to other people, and that really bothered me. I would’ve liked the app more if that was fixed


Sometimes people will leave mean comments but there haters but this is a fun app and it’s fun trying to find out who sent you the mssg


It’s great to know how people feel about me

So what’s up with this

I haven’t open the app in a while, come to find out I have a lot of new messages but the app didn’t send me anything about people sending me new messages how can I fix it?

Takes forever to install

The app is great and all but I’ve been waiting for 2 days for this app to install!! Like what the hell

Fix now please 😡

It won’t let me log in to my account😡😡😡 it just say the loading symbol but never logs me in 😡

won’t let me see any of my messages

but fig?

caused a virus

this app definitely isn’t a trustworthy app, based on its purpose it seems like a fun idea. but the app itself caused virus issues and I received warning of the app being a “dangerous app” definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

How do I entree the code if there’s no option to do so?

When you leave a message via someone’s link, the app gives you a code to enter to see the response. However, there is no option to leave a code. I left a message that I was very eager to see a response to and do not have a place to enter the code from it. This is very disappointing🙁.


everybody uses this app so i thought i would do it so i posted on my snapchat for people to anonymously say something but it either just doesn’t ever show up or it takes a couple minutes for it to come through and i don’t understand why i’ve had it for about 5 minuets now and i’m about to delete it and i went to go delete it and there is no way i can deactivate my account.


I wanna know who sent me my Lipsi message. I thought lipsi was supposed to reveal the person if they were bullying? I got bullied and reported it several times. They never revealed who it was and I don’t like that because they were really rude and should not have said that stuff. I want to know who it was that said it. I want it revealed to me like the you all said it would be if someone bullied you!!!!😡

Not letting me sign in

I put the email and password and the loading symbol pops up but it doesn’t log me in. And I’m putting the right password so it can’t be that. Please fix it or help me

Doesn’t send notifications when you get a message

I really love this app but it doesn’t send me notifications when I get a message!!! So I never know when I actually get a message until I open the app and refresh it.

i can’t delete the app!!

sooo i’ve never experienced this before but this app won’t delete off of my phone. i never write reviews but this is really aggravating me because i’m trying to clear up storage on my device but the app won’t delete!! i’ve been done using this app i just need to delete honestly.

Please help it won’t let me sign in

Unknown reasoning

It’s all I ask

Please let us change our name ESPECIALLY on the linkkkkkk😭😭


My anonymous comes right away

Copying link

You should fix the bug where you can’t copy the link

I hate it

It keeps saying I can’t create a account bc email already exists but I’ve never made an account???

None of my emails work

When trying to create an account it says my email already exist.....

Terrible design

App doesn’t work or let me create an account


I was told by my friend who tried to tap my link said that the link takes them to a sign up for Instagram page. I tapped it and it made me sign up for a new Instagram account


The new update , goes right back to Instagram , so you can’t talk on people wall


First, I had to make a whole new email because it said my was already being used but when I would try to do forgot my password it would say the email wasn’t found. Secondly, you can’t change your profile picture more than once. Third, I can’t start a new conversation with anyone because it says they are all not found.

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