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I made an account & I didn’t like the fact my username was my first and last name so I logged out and now I can’t fricking log back in, I changed my password 353 billion times and it still Says “invalid password”

I can't figure how to reply to the messages I get??

I can't login it keep kicking me out. I don't know how to get in

it needs improvement!

i honestly like the idea of this app. it’s a fun and interesting way to see what people have to say about you . but now it won’t let you say things that has swears or is rude . i was joking around with my friend with an inside joke and put it on her lipsi but she never got it . everytime someone says something with a swear or suppose to be insulting it never goes through . please fix this !!!


When I tried to sign up with my email it kept interrupting me and I couldn’t sign in. Also when I finally signed in I couldn’t see my messages and it wouldn’t let me put in the code from others. If you guys want a better rating please please please fix this app and maybe I will give you guys a five star. Honestly I’m suggesting going back to


I used it on my snapchat and no one said anythig now im sad

Stopped getting message

I usually get messages and now I get no messages what so ever I asked my friends and they said they sent me something so I’m a little confused as to why I’m not getting them and it’s making me wanna delete the app and the community review I think is dumb people should just get their messages whether it’s mean or whatever why should we decide if they get them or not but can you please fix the app so I can get my messages

Lipsi Bug

Every time I try to equip my link the app just crashes!!

Add on

Allow the users to be able to request to see who each anonymous message is from. Please and thank you.

No messages

It keeps telling me I have no messages but people have sent them to me. I would love if y’all could fix it please...


My lipsi doesn't send me notifications anymore so now i have to keep checking pls fix


I put the link on a Snapchat and when my friend slid up and texted a message, I checked my Lipsi and there were no new messages. This is a real bummer. If I could rate this app a zero I could.


App keeps crashing every time I click on it 🤬

Too Glitchy

This app seems great for the people I've seen use it but whenever I try to use it I can't get a link for the anonymous comments and it keeps closing the app on its own. I would highly appreciate if the devs for this app made some improvements to make this app work better and not glitch a lot.😔😊 But for now, I'm not going to use this app

Bullying identity issues

It says that if one reports another on lipsi their identity will be shown. But I have reported three people for offensive comments and I still haven’t had any identity presented to me🤷‍♀️ please tell me how I fix this problem I have come across


We should be able to send photos

i wish you can sign up with your phone number

some people don’t have emails so it’s not necessary to get the app if you don’t have an email because you can’t create an account!?


Just fun

I love thissss

It’s so awesome I love this so much

Cyber bully

I got cyber bullied on here don’t please

Terrible app

First tried to make my account and wouldn’t let me see my email to double check if it was right, once I got that it never sent me the email so I tried to restart it. I entered all my information again and it said email was already used when I never got a email to verify my account. Screw the creators.


I got this app because I had heard about it from a friend. I’m not sure the point of it, but I put a link up on my snap story and people said nothing but mean and insulting things. People I thought were my friends, and I don’t know who said what because it’s all anonymous. Reporting doesn’t do anything. Please don’t waste time with this.

Not worth it

This app seems good on paper but I haven’t gotten any messages when I know for sure my friends have left me some, you can’t edit your name after you create your account, and there is no way on the app to delete your account when you want to. I contacted support through the app and email and I haven’t gotten any responses. This app is not worth the trouble.

Great app

It’s an really good app have an crust they might like u back with this app u can go anonymous mode or not anonymous mode get it its great


So what are the “community reviews” because I get a lot of those and sometimes it seems they’re not even for me, they say thing like “she didn’t deserve you bro” when I’ve never dated ANY girls or “do you like Victoria and zack together” when I don’t know any Victoria or Zack. So are those random texts or are they actually for me?

Love lipsi

I love this app

Can’t use the app.

The app crashed like 3 minutes after I downloaded it. It closes every time I open it. I reset my phone and uninstalled the app twice.


What is the community review???




I don’t get my notifications when I get a text from my friends and they sit there and tell me that they sent something so I have to go on there to see what they said so Idk when I get a text and it really get annoying. But when I wrote this next ten minutes they came back on 😂


idk every time I go on the app to sign up I do the whole process but then kicks me out right away and i can’t use it....

fix your app

this app keeps shutting down after i open it and it won’t let me stay in the app for more then 5 seconds

why ?

every time i open lispi it takes me right back out off the app ! probably you guys can do a update really soon to fix that


I made an account and when I got logged in, the app kept crashing. So then I uninstalled and installed the app again. After trying to log in again it won’t let me log back in, it loads for a long time.


This is a really good app I like how you can text someone and be anonymous at the same time

Crashes every 10 seconds

I literally open the app and it crashes after 10 seconds and takes me to my home screen.

Keeps glitching

Really stinks can’t even log in glitches a lot. It’s really annoying.



Bad bug

Can’t use the app at all. I get into it and the moment i make an account it crashes


I like this app to communicate with other ppl


I’m trying to go on the app and I already reset my phone and cleared my apps but whenever I go on it, it logs me out.


What is the community review messages that pop up, are those messages someone sent me or messages you guys made up?

It doesn’t even work

Every time I open the app it works for maybe 6 seconds then completely crashes every time. I’ve deleted and deleted and downloaded it and it still doesn’t work.. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Crashes on IOS 11.3.1!

I open it and seconds later it crashes! I have an IPhone 6 with IOS 11.3.1. Please fix this, thanks.

Best app

This is the best app!

What is community review?

I’m so confused what the community review is? Like is it just what other people say? Orrrrr?


Finally I can flirt and not be awkward only screwed when I go face to face with them

Bad .

Every time I open the app the app just closes .


to the creators of lipsi i'm sure this isn't your fault, and may just be the model and quality of my phone, but every time i open the lipsi app, a couple seconds later it crashes completely. it just keeps doing that. i've refreshed the app and deleted and re-downloaded it a few times. if there's some sort of bug issue, i just thought i'd share it. i have the iphone 5c


The app keeps crashing every 5 seconds and It Doesn’t Even give me the Link to copy it’s just Blank


Took 77 dollars from my account without telling me. Didn’t even work

Question about Community Review

For the community review, that is above the search bar, are those real or fake messages ? Cause if real, I’ve been called multiple names by other people that I haven’t even done anything to or done wrong in general 😕 I’m just really confused about it


This is an amazing app we’re people can tell you their feeling and they don’t have to be afraid for someone to know who it was!

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